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Off The Cuff Utterances

'God created the world' is a wrong statement. But world got created by itself in the god's presence can be somewhat a right statement. Crazy as it may sound, but the truth is just that. Think about it, its somewhat like saying, the child was created by the parents. It may appear true on the surface, but the fact is both mother and father does nothing extra ordinary to fix the hands and legs to the baby. Just the mother's womb is fertile, the father's sperm count is good, then bingo, baby is born. The mom-dad creators of the baby do not even know if its going to be a boy or gal, unless they scanned secretly. They cant tell if the baby can talk walk look normally or will be like micheal jackson. They are pleasantly surprised, only by the second month of the baby... that the baby is actually made. Till then they were ignorant. The baby got created by itself and mom-dad creators did nothing except slept together and made sexual contact. At least some effort is involved in the creation of a baby. They indeed make efforts for a normal delivery but they did nothing to actually to create a baby, like designing and shading or structuring the baby.

But when it comes to creation of the universe, God did NOTHING too. Howdah? Let's grasp some basics here. If you have to create a painting, then two things are required. 1. efficient cause (you, the painter) 2. material cause (the brush, paint, canvas etc) . The efficient cause always is the brain work. The Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant painter but did not have money to buy the paint brush. So he did not paint for awhile. No creation happened. Later he decided to use the paste directly on the canvas without brush, because he got bugged with waiting for the brush. Then the creation of his paintings happened. Most of the things in this world happen this way. All the cities, town, parks, buildings, roads were created like this. The man made creations had these two aspects intact always, namely, the efficient cause and material cause.

But god 'made' creation is quite different. Like the stars, sun, moon, rivers, mountains, valleys, oceans and animals, plants and importantly us, the humans. In this entire list, only man can create something and brag a lot about it. Birds don't put their names in front of their nest. They don't even know that they have this extraordinary ability to create a nest. But since man believes he creates, he also thinks god as a creator of this universe. Some people even believe god created this world in six days and on seventh day he relaxed, since it was a sunday.

When god is made to behave like a man who waited for the weekend, we also attributed that god gets tired, god is on the job, god will punish, reward, listen to prayers (if you send it in MP3 format, more prayers possible), god is watching you, is unfair to you, owes you rewards and boons, performs miracles, god needs security, gets married(sometimes more than once), gets angry, laughs at you(this one is quite possible) and so on. Not just in India, but just about everywhere, human mind is the same, went on creating as many gods to fit its fancy. But if you are walking under the hot indian summer noon of the day, if you feel the heat and thirst, don't blame the sunlight. The sun does not even know that you are being toasted like bread in a brand new oven. You feel the 'heat' only when you come under sun. So the heat is created by sun or by you? Just like the fungus growing on vegetables, in the refrigerator in your house, you had forgotten to remove, from a time credibly immemorial. The fungus was not 'created' by anyone but it was born and it grew in an atmoshpere simply conducive. The universe got created by itself at an most opportune moment, highly conducive for its birth. Call it the BIG BANG.
According to current scientific understanding, matter collected into clouds that began to condense and rotate, forming the forerunners of galaxies. Within galaxies, including our own milky way galaxy, changes in pressure caused gas and dust to form distinct clouds. In some of these clouds, where there was sufficient mass and the right forces, gravitational attraction caused the cloud to collapse. If the mass of material in the cloud was sufficiently compressed, nuclear reactions began and a star was born. The star is never created as an activity but is born due to certain conduciveness. You facilitate the growth of a plant in a pot. You don't create it. You add water, earth, provide space, light and with the air that comes to it, the seeds in the pot sprout. It would be an ignorant statement, had if you said you created that plant in the pot. It just got created. You just happened to be there. Sametime, the amazonian jungles needed no human help but created and thrived on their own.

While we figure the 'helping hand' in the creation of a plant, it is difficult to figure who helped
the creation of universe to happen. We can presupposedly call it as GOD. It would get us going ahead in life. But then world was not created by god with capital G, but got created by itself, perhaps with a unseen force making it conducive. A unseen force which does not interpret life the way humans do. Hence it did not an make an official announcement about creation and claim itself to be the boss for its creation.

Why Creation? The most useless question to ask ! Because no one will tell you why. You make it sound as if god derived special fun in creating this world and you, then put you in this world to get married to that particular woman or man, make you suffer while he enjoyed watching you from distance. Thats an interesting idea though, there is actually no reason why creation happened. There is no reason why suddenly the flowers bloom in a tree. No reason why moon and earth revolve around each other for millions of years. Why the earth suddenly shook and quaked and killed a few thousand peope? Its just like that. No answers. The universe is moving in a certain indescribable manner. As if the existence itself is ignorant and is just exploring into some unknown space of god and other superior beings, as you and I witness the marvel of life, taking shape in and through us.

Here follows a poem from a certain tribe that live in the appalachian mountains..

I know not if the voice of man can reach to the sky;
I know not if the mighty one will hear as I pray;
I know not if the gifts I askwill all granted be;
I know not if the world of oldwe truly can hear;
I know not what will come to passin our future days;
I hope that only good will come,my children, to you....