More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

When you see the skies as just skies, trees as just trees, people as just people and life as just life, perhaps you have comprehended a bit of Truth already. In a language used in our daily lives, it can also mean integrity or fidelity. Seeing or saying without distortion. When Truth is distorted, it is called as maya, merely corroborative details, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise vulnerable and unconvincing truthful lies. Truth is generally understood as a subjective reality where you claim something as truth just because you believe so. For example, you believe that 'rain falls'. So falling rain is true. But the gravity of earth pulls rain water to it. Nevertheless, the severely narrowed perspective of 'falling' rain can still remain as truth to a mind in ignorance. In a spiritual sense, Truth has a little more easier yet complex meaning and understanding. Truth is that which is present in three periods of time, namely past, present and future, though the Truth (consciousness) is not within the purview of time.

Let us get little closer. Sat or Truth(consciousness, God, Atman) has following paradoxical characteristics...

1, has no birth, hence no death too (immortal)
2, has no beginning and the end as well (all pervading)
3, ever present but cannot be sensed (omnipresent)
4, support all happening but itself does not do anything(witnessing consciousness)
5, Unmoving but is the source of all movement (causation)

That's cutting a big list somewhat sizably small. Though the word Truth does not refer to
property of propositions, it has to be conveyed in a word.

5+5=10 is true,
is merely supplementing truth by word. But the spiritual Truth reads
somewhat like this
(Just full stop, without any supplementing of the truth).

Really speaking, there is nothing which is untrue, because everything stem from one singular source. It would be a blasphemous attempt to claim the tree as false and the seed of the tree alone is Truth. Mystifying truth as a objective reality hiding beyond the skies or heavens has somehow made truth look absurd. While the seed of a tree is Truth, so is the tree with its branches and leaves. Perhaps what is not true is when you fail to see the tree just as tree but
see a 'beautiful' tree. Sometimes the tree appears as a 'useful' tree because it provided shade
from the sunshine and prevented you from strokes.

Try this, who knows you might catch the trail of this mysteriously hidden Truth right inside your living room.

step 1, shut up
step 2, sit down
step 3, stop trying (everything)
step 4, see whatever comes to your attention
step 5, listen to your mind, whatever it comments
step 6, drop whatever your mind prattled
step 7, the remaining is purely Truth.

Once 'smelt' and 'tasted' the Truth this incogitant manner, slowly it springs on you that even the interpretations of Truth are just parts of the same Truth. It would dawn on you that there is no antonym to this Truth and is without polarity. Simplest yet the most confusing, Truth is all pervading, simply because it can fit every one's fancy so well and wonderfully.