More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

Ishwara is a post or position. Some kind of status or state of mind. In Upanishads, gods are treated as powerful but helpless beings. Helpless because even the gods have limitations somewhere down the line. They are not the ultimate beings, but only the finer expressions of the ultimate. Gods are much refined and superior human beings. The fact Krishna, Buddha and Jesus who ate, slept and lived on earth like you and I, eventually have been elevated to the position of god tells, that even you and I have a chance to reach up there. While god is a serious topic of discussion in the west, in India and other most asian countries, there is no fuss about gods. In the sense that, people readily accept and worship anyone as bhagwan(godlike) and include him/her as one more object of worship in their long list of gods. In the east(particularly in india) even film stars, sportsmen and politicians will be treated godlike. Because they have begun to influence the lives of individuals in many ways on a daily basis.

Technically speaking, being a god is just a subtler state of mind. Because the mind exists even for the god. Perhaps not a gross mind stuffed with confusions, fears and desperation. The god's mind is more lightweight and more fluid like. While a limited mind identify with handful of people as mine, a small geographical area as mine, the godly mind identifies with all the people, seen and unseen, known and unknown. While the limited mind is happy to settle with joys and sorrows of ones self and concerned only with the welfare of its immediate family members, the not so limited mind expands from that limited circle of life. God's mind is a well expanded mind. In other words, if your mind expands, not by rejecting the immediate family, but expanding beyond the family, then you have also become godlike. But that's where the real trouble starts.

To be godlike is not enviable. Now that your mind is expanded, you will have many other people and their personal lives involved in it. As much you influence their lives, that much they would influence your life in turn. Only difference is, while they remain volatile in their moods, you would be stable and serene always, despite their influence. That would make you some one special. Some one godlike. There can be no god in fact, but only godlike. As we often say, he roared like a thunder, his patience is like earth, she glittered like stars, shine like a moon etc.
God cannot be a individual person with hands,legs and heads, because when we see god as a person, then all that belonged to a individual also can be attributed to god. But godhood is like a natural element. Like space. Let me explain how it works based on various natural elements with reference to the particular mindset.

If your mind is

like Earth = The disturbances are strong and dense like earth. They remain stagnant, limited in scope. The world appears like a never ending big problem. People with such mindset think, to have 'strong' mind is a virtue to attain.

like Water = More fluid and disturbances are less intense and running. Still defined and limited. The problems appear to vanish at times but still keep coming. So is happiness etc. This mindset people think a 'steady' mind is a virtue to reach.

like Fire = Disturbances are inherent and not always showing, but can burn up at times. Much better state of mind but the hidden fear and anger and other disturbances can show up anytime. Problems don't pose a threat. Mostly fine but at times makes you wonder 'what the hell is happening'? This mindset glorifies a 'stay cool' mind as a virtue to achieve.

like Air = Much quieter, rough to gentle, but cant be seen, much subtler disturbances inside. Not so well defined disturbances, but occasional gusty blows which settle down soon. More pervasive. A ' broad' mind is a goal for this mindset to accomplish.

like Space = Unruffled, very pervasive, problems does not exist for itself, but this mindset
still can identify problems of others and can even provide solutions. Most small and big time educational, financial, spiritual etc gurus belong here. They can also slip up and down the ladder of various mindsets at various times. Many reach here but few remain.

The godlike personality happen with the space like mind. Not tainted by itself, but deals with all messy things in it. As if it is cut, shared, sold and bought, in the world by people, but the space remains undivided. So is this godlike personality with space like mind, remains undivided
despite the messy situations it has to deal with. You reach there too, occasionally, till some one called you on the phone, then dropped down to earth.

Just next to this space is where the mind itself begin to vanish. Rather mind loses its individual identity. This is the famous mindlessness or 'shunya' state. This also technically called as self, consciousness, atman, brahman, etc. When, during proper meditation, the mind is capable of moving from the dense earthly mindset to pervasive space like mindset.
Many rapid changes would have happened to your personality during that journey. From being a distraught manlike to pervasive godlike, without moving even your fingers.

Disciple : If everything contained in space, then space is the greatest?
Master : whatever contains the space is the greatest !
Disciple : wow ! whats that thing ?
Master : No Thing !

Eventually, space is the last mindset possible and beyond that its a ever spreading, ever lasting, eternally present, mindless mindset, where there are no more problems and no more solutions.
No joy and no sorrow, no bondage, no enlightenment, no devotee and no god. No Thing exists !