More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

Perhaps the most sacred word for a seeker or a spiritualist. But the heaps of wrong notions that cloud the theoretical understanding of awareness takes the seeker away from the truth or consciousness. But awareness is a simple experience that can happen to anyone anywhere. Because you already aware of many things in life. Awareness is always happening to you, only it is not happening at one place and you may not be 'aware' of it totally.

Let us suppose a typical situation now. You are watching tv in the morning, suddenly there is a call on your hand phone, which you come to know, just by hearing the sound. In fact you can even almost guess who is calling and for what. Knowing that the phone is ringing is called as awareness. As you are talking, suddenly the buzzer at the door goes, some visitor. You become 'aware' of that too. You cut short the talk on the phone and move to the door. As the visitor keeps you busy with some talking, you become 'aware' that you are hungry, you also become 'aware' that time is ticking very fast. But amidst all these, you become 'aware' several times, in the form of memory, that it is a holiday and you need not rush but take it easy.

This spontaneous exercise of becoming aware of many things, go on throughout the day and night except when you sleep. In this kind of awareness, Chit is present too, but not so fully. To become aware of a telephone ring is to tell that the telephone ring and you are separate from each other, that you awareness about the ring just happened. The telephone or the ring tone does not contain any awareness. Your body by itself does not contain awareness anywhere. But awareness happens somewhere deeper in the mind. The hunger in the stomach is never known to the body, but only your mind can comprehend that. This kind of awareness of external objects is common with everyone. Only that some people are more aware than the rest. Some people can hear what people are gossipping even from the next room while some cant hear even when you shout on their face. One can be aware of a situation just by watching people's body language.

Some typical situations where the awareness may be missing at times,
1. After leaving the house or car, wondering if you locked it well.
(The awareness of locking it or not locking, is missing.)
2. After searching and reaching a place, wondering what exactly you came looking for?
(opening a shelf and going through the many tiny contents, you ask "what do i want?")
3. Wanting to play music, then realize that music is already playing.

A lot more can be said in that fashion. But most of the times, you are aware of things around you. The interesting twist comes in your life when you began your pursuit of spirituality.
The awareness levels grow and you would start to get awareness about your breath.
When you become aware of breath, then you start to breathe more fluently and in a more
complete manner. Imbalanced behaviour of your body like being restless or getting fidgety for nothing gets stopped when the cycle of breath is complete. When breathing is erratic, your seeing ability can be blurred a bit. Your speech can get affected too. Indigestion, lack of appetite, constantly sweating etc can be unpleasant results of imbalanced breathing.

Intense meditation makes one aware of mind. You will be surprised to witness your mind like never before. That's an indication of certain spiritual growth, though not certainly the ultimate.
You will know your fears, insecure feelings, desires, the strength and short comings of your mind quite directly. To such a person, the scathing anger can strike, but he would simply be aware of it as it passes by with its red hot contents. He can quell lust and passion a will.
But then still he has not attained the true state awareness. Even at this point you are only a part time spiritual seeker. You have not got into it big time. Many times you would slip and get lost in to the vagaries of mundane life without awareness.

But however, you are truly spiritual only when you cross even that mind in awareness.
When the mind become aware of the inner Self hidden behind the mind.
Awareness of outside objects can create lot of rupture in the mind as thoughts. Awareness of breath can result in peace of mind, graceful activity etc. Awareness of mind can make you experience detachment, dispassion, non- emotional and more. But awareness of the inner Self(consciousness, godlyness, Atman) leads to enlightenment. When you begin to get the inner
Self- awareness, you would be more contemplative, reflective and experience a lot of silence within. What begin as a brief glimpses of Self awareness, slowly begin to grow more intense.
Self awareness tunes you to the existence fully. total attunement of Self brings with it a state of contentment and a deep sense of being fulfilled.

The difference between awareness of objects outside and the awareness of Self is, mind gets more consolidated with the external awareness, but mind gets liquefied with the Self-awareness. Nothing can be as holy and sacred as Self-awareness. The real purpose of meditation is to find this Self-Awareness only.

Disciple: Can I become aware of my Inner Self?
Master : Certainly, YES !
Disciple : What is the effort i should make for that?
Master : The only effort is, STOP making all the efforts and just BE !
Disciple : Am i not wasting my life if I stop the efforts?
Master: In fact you would start to 'live' only after that..

Most times it is scary to hear this 'stopping efforts' to be spiritual. But if you understand clearly
If you spent a little bit time being in meditation effortlessly, it helps you make the best and right efforts in life after the meditation.