More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

When you observe the traffic on the road, many different vehicles. your mind keeps telling you, 'this is a car', this is a bus', 'this is a cab'. That part of your mind which told you that this is a car and not a truck is called as intellect.
While mind ask the question, Intellect finds an answer. Mind can only ask, doubt, suspect. Intellect answers, confirms, concludes. Yet there is no difference between mind and intellect except the mode of operation. Just like the cooler and heater in the car. Push the knob to one end it cools, the other end it heats up. so also the mind. Let see in a situation how both function.

Imagine you are standing in front of your wardrobe. Your mind and intellect are busy choosing your apparel for the day !

Mind: Oops ! So many shirts? which one to wear ?
Intellect : Oh boy, as usual you are confused !
Mind : yeah but can you help? Can i wear that blue one?
Intellect : Nope ! only three days before you wore that.
Mind: OK ! How about the brown with checks ?
Intellect : Well, it may not go with the blue trouser. Drop it.
Mind: What should i do ?
Intellect: Let me do the shortlisting of shirts, then you can choose !
Mind : Oh, thank you ! please...
Intellect : The denim blue and the white with small checks are two shortlisted.
Mind : Ah, I'm still confused, which one? I like both !
Intellect : Never 'mind'. Pick up the denim blue. It fits well and match the trouser.
Mind: Yes, indeed. Thank you. Don't know why i trouble you like this.
Intellect: Its OK ! I'm used to this now.

All this can happen in a jiffy. In a few moments. That why the intellect is considered as a built in guru and the mind is the usual disciple. But interestingly, the buddhi need not always make the right decision. It can make terrible decisions too. Whatever the intellect of an individual does is only based on the kind of a education it received and the kind of a social and economical background it grew with. But it certainly intellect is the boss always.

What else the intellect does?

1. Probing ( who he hell is this? -the unidentified caller on your phone )
2. Analysing (going through shades of paint suitable to your bedroom)
3. Deciding (skip home made lunch and must go to the nearest Chinese restaurant)
4. Discriminating (this guy looks decent so let me ask for the directions)
5. Contemplating ( gosh I'm growing old ! what this life is really about ? )
6. Reflecting ( I think, now i figure what he really meant !!!)
7. Concluding ( I know what for you have come ! )
8. Judging (she is smiling, then she must be happy !)

Same intellect plays a major role in spirituality. In fact, the progress on the slippery spiritual path is entirely dependent on the individual seeker. A sharp, subtle, intricate intellect is required for comprehending the subtler nuances, concepts and ideas in spirituality. To discriminate between the truth and false, for ex., sun never rise and set but its stationery, only earth is revolving. Finding out the hidden truth from the apparently seen falsehood.

Intellect applies logic and rationality for its functioning. Mind applies emotions and sentiments
for its part. Both can create problems. While intellectual lifestyle can be dry and lifeless, the emotional life can be dramatic and at times traumatic too. Here follows a dialog between emotional wife and a logical husband, while watching TV. (an old joke!)

wife: Dear! Its 25 years today, since we are married, we should do something about it !
husband : OK. you keep the TV remote control today !

The intellectual person is certainly closer to consciousness, compared to the emotional person,
but still can be bound. While the intellect helps the body and mind to work better, its own self
many times can get lost in ruthless logic and analysis. Mainly because, the intellect does not have anyone to guide from above. Like no one can tell a CEO of a company, how to run the company on a daily basis, because he is right at the top. As much intellect can lead you to reach your own inner self, that much it can also obstruct. That's the reason why many intellectual people, after many years on the spiritual path, know every spiritual concept but would lack the personal experience. Intellect is also the seat of ego. The sense of 'I' begin from intellect.

Body = zero ego
mind = 50 % ego
intellect = 100 % ego

Your body does not know who you are. The mind knows a little(because its always confused)
the intellect is sure about oneself. The play of ego will be very high while seeking the truth.
But when the intellect understood, that there is a 'bigger boss' sitting quietly within accessible distance and vicinity, then intellect surrenders. when intellect surrender to the big boss(consciousness) it does not die but only get enhanced and begin to function quite differently than earlier times. intellect is the bridge between man and god. Intellect is very close to god but not exactly god. Minister knows the king well but cannot be the king.

Upon knowing and experiencing the consciousness, the intellect still would continue to do the same job but with a whole new flavor and an entirely different dimension. Only, the intellect has to come to grips with the truth that there is something more powerful and more superior
in whom, the intellect needs to anchor for its own personal survival and better functioning.