More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances


You would make a obvious mistake, almost always, when you think the world outside is independent of you. If you see a brand new car parked on the road, glistening in sunshine, it is not just because of only the sunlight but also because of you. You see them the way they are seen. Your mind gives life to what you see, hear, smell, taste and the touch. Your self from inside flows through the mind and reaches the object outside. It is in deed and action gets filtered by your mind in between the subject(self) and object(the car) . Just like a projector plugged in to a power socket nearby, the mind is plugged into your consciousness (self) . The projector cannot function without the electricity and so is your mind without the consciousness. While the movie projector send light beams to show images on a plain white screen, your mind is projecting ideas, opinions, beliefs and on the canvas of the world.

Disciple: Do you project your mind too ?
Master : Yes !
Disciple : Then whats the difference between you and me ?
Master : My mind projects and i know it, your mind
projects too and you have not known it yet!
Disciple : Whats is the problem in it ?
Master : Problem is you believe it and want others to beleive it too !

Did you notice, that you immediately comment on just about everything you see around you? As good, bad, right, wrong, hopeless and incredible? That comment is the projection. While the self enable your eyes to see the object, your mind goes on with the commentary. The projection and commentary are endless. These abilities called as vikshepa shakti (power to project) and Jnana shakti (power to know) are inborn qualities of the mind. The hitch is, your mind's projection and commentary need not be always right. However you take them for real and try hard, as you can, to impose it on others too. That's why the same world appear differently to different people. The same life is experienced with such differences amongst all human beings. I may not ask the impossible to happen to you at the start. To stop projecting !

But certainly i can suggest you to be aware of this projection and commentary when they happen. And Voila ! that's the beginning of a whole new perception in you towards life. A beginning where you would want to see the sunrise as sunrise and not as a 'beautiful' sunrise. That the prime time serial on TV has actors enacting roles and not real life characters. You would come around soon to figure the fact that you have dumped your whim and fancy upon just about everything you come face to face with.

You have created a surreal world of your own. Its a kind of a dream with your eyes open, watching this world in a manner, your mind personally interpreted to you. As long as the mind is at work, there will be projections invariably. But not as much as a mind that knew and be in awareness of the projections. Projection happens in both, the ignorant and aware mind, but a mind in awareness now has stopped the projection of its own but allow the consciousness(self) alone to flow through itself to reach the objects.

The meditative mind is able to see this world as it is. It projects the consciousness alone without any distortion. However even after that you would still be commenting on the world and your experiences, but you will know that its just for the sake of it and you dont really mean to comment that way.