More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

(spiritual practice)
Some people can mistake doing rigorous sadhana will result in spiritual enlightenment. They believe that by constant inculcation of certain qualities found in enlightened individuals, can make them enlightened too. But unfortunately enlightenment cannot be inculcated or imbibed. Sadhana (austere practice) only prepares the seeker for the enlightenment. But sadhana alone is not enough for the state of fulfillment or state of self awareness. It can only make a seeker get into monotonous repetition of some popular technique. While it helps in finding a regimen of practices, the same sadhana beyond certain point of time, will become a stumbling block towards the Truth. One must know how long a particular sadhana must be practiced. As much it is important to start a sadhana, that much it is equally important to stop it at some stage too.

Sadhana helps in achieving some incredible mind power but that can never be mistaken for enlightenment. The psychic powers attained as a result of intense sadhana is incapable giving you any sense of fulfillment. The seeker must drop the idea that to be enlightened is to possess extra ordinary powers of mind. The psychic powers can be only a distraction from self-realization. Even the ability to sit longer for meditation without movement and the ability to foresee and predict future or simply pick other people's mind can be considered as potential blocks on the path of self awareness. By constant practice one can walk and talk and smile like an enlightened being but the fact remains that those are just imbibed qualities. It never manifests as a result of fulfillment from within. What possibly cannot happen in many years of doing a sadhana can happen in a singular moment of just being in silence. What is imbibed or inherited can vanish some day but the spiritual enlightenment of the self can never be lost.

The Chinese King : "I am powerful and people respect me equally.
So is there any difference between you and me ? "
The Master : "Not much. Except that your kingship can be taken
away from you. But the awareness I have, cannot be".

Sadhana is a beautiful exercise only as long as it happens in awareness. When it has become ritualistic and repetitive and without an end, it only is a waste of time.