More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances


No doubt everyone wants to be free.
Some believe spirituality can bring about
that freedom more easily. It is true, the
spiritual efforts must eventually lead to
freedom or liberation. But it is important
to figure what this freedom is all about.
Not certainly a freedom that can endorse
an idea of doing whatever you want and get away with
the consequences. The spiritually found freedom at no
point of time can vouch you to go haywire but in fact it
makes you more answerable and responsible to endless
squabbling situations that may arise all around you.
The boundless liberated you cannot be going around
Scot-free despite numerous occasions of fallibility by
you and others. But then, what exactly is freedom?
Freedom from what ?

Disicple : Despite your enlightenment,
you seem to be still bound !
Master : Why so ?
Disciple : I see you still do all these earthly
things like others. Eating, meeting, talking, driving..
Master : True !
Disciple: so what were you doing
before enlightenment?
Master : Cribbing !
Disiciple : and now ?
Master : stopped !

The enlightenment only liberates you from
your tormenting self. Because self torturing
has been the way for you till you got enlightened.
But upon the self awareness (enlightenment)
you will come to realize the futility of cribbing
about life. Beneath this transformation, remarkable
experiences await you. You would stop expecting
life to shape exactly the way suitable to you.
No more healing of ideas upon anyone who came
in front of you. Not searching for particular
happy events that may never take place in
your life. The sleepless nights of anguish and
anger and regret disappear and you might as
well find you snoring even before you could
hit that pillow. Most remarkable of all is the
total disappearance of fears, of all kinds about
future suddenly and you will find yourself
incredibly free from those most deadly and
panic moments about future.

What more? You will certainly free from yourself.
This freedom alone is possible in the process
of enlightenment. And when you walk down the road,
you would still have to look both sides before
crossing that road. You cannot exercise your
freedom of enlightenment there...