More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

What came from one singular source appears as two. Obviously, you and this world are not created by two different creators. You are part of this world and hence part of the creation too. For some weird reasons you see this world as separate from you. A place to perform, prove, survive, fight, indulge, consume,be good(occasionally)and eventually give up and disappear one day. Rare are the moments when you feel some kind of oneness with creation.

God is a very incredible entity. Because god exists only when you feel that you and world separate from each other. Then you need someone to protect you, support you, get school admission for you, get you a job where you don't have to work at all, get you married to someone who can say only yes to you, run your house hold errands for you, listen to your endless prattles on just about everything etc., Because, world has become a challenge and you need someone to back you up, to face that challenge. This is how the god factor came alive from nowhere. This state of you and world at love or in loggerheads, with a god to supervise and to punish and reward, can be described as a state of dvaita.

Disciple : How do i know I'm in this state of duality?
Master : Whenever you ask this question !
Disciple : How do i know I'm out of this duality state?
Master : Whenever you stopped asking this question !

To be in dualistic state is not wrong. But not knowing it can be. Because duality is only a perception. Everything about you and around you would remain the same, irrespective of dual or non dual state. Furthermore, even when your mind attains non dual state of being, still you would have to speak and deal with people of duality only. the duality would continue to exist even after you have gone beyond it. People who talk of going beyond duality are only fantasizing.
The more they pursue, the more they can struggle in their present state of duality. Only those who have accepted the existence of duality can ever rise above it. To dismiss duality as non existent and illusory in itself is ignorance. True wisdom is when your mind abridged the non-dual self deep within and world of multiplicity outside, which brought oneness to the apparent divide, it lived in for many lives.