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17 September 2010


Part 1 

"total awareness is called that way because
it is without fragmentation but full"

Vedic literatures have the knack of objectifying god at the start as someone other than you and subsequently bring the identity of god pretty close to you as part of you. In the vedantic texts such as upanishads, the authors dare the readers by saying that god is not just part of you but it is verily you.

Disciple : This one thing always makes me proud to hear !
Master : What is that actually ?
Disciple : That I am god myself !
Master : To be god is not a thing of pride or
even a pleasure but it is just a state of Being.

People think of god as a all powerful man, sitting inside a control tower surrounded by CCTV screens and lots of plugs and wires. If someone should be born, god needs to just plugin and if some one has to die then unplug, that powerful.  Most religions create an imagery of god as the monopoly of power and authority.

Disciple : But if god is not powerful how he
created this world and all this we see every day ?
Master : May be god is powerful but god does not
brag or boast that power like you might want to.
Disciple : Why god does not brag about his power?
Master : Because he does not know how to.

Man's major task in life is to become powerful and throw his weight around whenever and wherever he can. Its because he always feels power less about him. Most people even worship gods because they think the gods are powerful. This division between man and his need to be powerful makes him flaunt the little powers he may assume in life, as money or people under his control.

Disciple : So god is not separate from power ?
Master : Exactly ! He was always with the
powers to create or sustain or destroy so he
does not know how to flaunt it like the neo rich
man controlling a government of some drug mafia.

Ishwara is god but nowhere near to the images of god people have created since their lifestyle inside caves, where they used rocks as weapons, to kill and eat animals many thousand years ago. Ishwara cannot be defined into one single form or name, but all forms and all names that exists in the entire universe.

10 March 2010


Part 3

"the awareness presently appears divided as bits and pieces
to you, instead of being complete and undivided"

Individual awareness is always about something grosser and tangible. Its like being aware of the tree but not the wood in it. Being aware of the ocean but not the water in it. Being aware of the wife but not the woman in her. Such an awareness remains individual awareness and not total awareness.

Disciple : This total awareness is always a complicating one to understand?
Master : Yes because total awareness is not to be understood !
Disciple : If not understanding how else I know of it ?
Master : "Fire burns" can be understood and felt as well but
both are different from each other. Similarly understanding
and awareness are different kinds of phenomenon !
Disciple : But why cant I understand awareness ?
Master : Because awareness alone makes you understand
and that's why you can never understand awareness be it
individual or total !

The individual awareness is incomplete awareness because it lacks depth and is fleeting. Its more localized and is missing the pervasiveness. Though everyone is capable of individual and localized awareness, they seem to miss the pervasive total awareness. But of course even to be aware of the localized awareness is one best possible step forward to a undisputed total awareness.

Disciple : Does it mean that I can ignore my individual
awareness henceforth and focus on my total awareness ?
Master : You can not do that actually !
Disciple : I quite expected such a reply from you !
Master : Because whenever you ignore any single part
then what you focus cannot be total !
Disciple : Unless I give up the focus on localized awareness
how I can shift my focus to total awareness ?
Master : Neither you can shift nor you can focus
when it comes to total awareness !

Localized awareness is easier to focus as the awareness is definite and limited. But the total awareness is not fixed and is unlimited. You can only expand and include and never shift or focus. This happens only as a result of the habit mind has been infatuated with the idea of "focus" for a very long time.

Disciple : Without shifting can I be totally aware ?
Master : Exactly ! That's the only way it seems !
Disciple : I am asking to know if I am eligible for this
total awareness to happen to me within this lifetime ?
Master : Yes, from the moment you stop wasting your time on
such sentimental dialogs and start expanding from within !
Disciple : You don't seem to have compassion for me anymore?
Master : I would not be talking to you still if not for that !

05 March 2010

"awareness of self always happens to you
but not so completely"

Nobody is ever totally lacking awareness. Everyone is aware of something or the other of one's self. But the question is are you aware of your self fully? There are more than few reasons for you to misunderstand what exactly is self awareness and miss realizing your self fully.

Disciple : Does it mean I have some awareness already ?
Master : Certainly !
Disciple : I always thought I lack awareness !
Master : To know the lack of awareness is awareness too !

Self awareness is not about a Self which is independent of you. The word SELF mostly is objectified as a thing that is to be captured from within. Mostly it is visualized like some shining object, like some ping pong ball, with hues of violet and white rays, located somewhere close to the heart region or between the brows. This kind of weird imagery of the Self leads to complicating the process of awareness.

Disciple : So Self is not a shining ball of fire?
Master : Not at all ! Its not an isolated object !
Disciple : Does it have any color patterns to it?
Master : I said self is not an isolated object !
Disciple : What does it actually mean?
Master : Self includes your body, breath, mind
and the consciousness which holds them all together !

Most times you are aware of the comfort and discomforts of your body and mind. You know your physical weaknesses and strengths, feelings and emotions, abilities and debilities, right and wrong, good and bad. But the awareness of your self is still incomplete as you have not yet known the substratum of your body and mind parts.

27 February 2010

" there is only one thing that makes you different from
rest of creation and that's called awareness "

You hear often that to be born as a human being is so rare and is a special blessing. But most of your life time you wonder how special it is, especially when you see ants, rats and crows appear lot more happier and free. Even those who keep repeating about this speciality of human birth may not have known how exactly it is special.

Disciple : Yes even I wonder how I am special
compared to the rest of creation ?
Master : Exactly for that reason you are special !
Disciple : For the reason I am wondering ?
Master : Yes, no other species can wonder the way you do !
Disciple : How does that make special ?
Master : When you begin to wonder, you are actually
beginning to get your awareness of your self !

Wondering is a effective beginning that leads to contemplation and meditation and eventually end in self awareness. If you look around in wonder at this creation, the way you can perceive, understand, admire, discriminate, decide, plan, participate, achieve, lose, console, identify, fantacize and empathize with all the happenings everywhere, then you have already began the process growing in self awareness.

Disciple : Why self awareness is important ?
Master : Because it brings your life into a full circle !
Disciple : Can you explain further ?
Master : Till self awareness happened, you would continue to
feel a sense of incompleteness about you, no matter what you do !
Disciple : So being self aware I can feel complete about myself?
Master : Exactly !

Disciple : Is that what pragnya all about ?
Master : Sure, it is ! Its a beginning of the end !
Disciple : End of my life ?
Master : End of all your seeking and searching in this life !

The true purpose of any spiritual exercise is only to arrive to this point of self awareness. Upon reaching to this point of self awareness, your mind attains equanimity, where you feel complete knowledge about your own self. Since you feel complete about your self the urge to find fulfillment ends too.

Disciple : Well, it sounds like some kind of mutation ?
Master : It is not just a change occurs in a chromosome but
its a transformation of the trait attaining its completeness !
Disciple : Does it end my survival instincts and the need
and urge to live happier and healthier and successful?
Master : It does not end your happiness but certainly end
your need to feel successful and happy !
Disciple : What happens to my life after wards ?
Master : You dont make a living anymore but
life is simply lived through you there after !

04 February 2010

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28 January 2010

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02 January 2010

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10 December 2009

"your mind is never confined to your head
but spills all within you and around you"

Mind is understood differently by different people. The science declare mind as epiphenomenon of the brain and manifests as the stream of consciousness. The philosophy advocate many theories of dualism and monism. Religions either condemn mind as the cause for bondage or glorify mind as the medium to know god.

Disciple : I am always baffled about my mind !
Master : All minds are baffling indeed !
Disciple : Are the definitions you mentioned
are right or wrong about mind ?
Master : They all are right and wrong simultaneously !

The function of mind is comprehended by mind only. That's where the difficulty lies. While mind can cognize, explore, experiment, contemplate and discover a million other things, it simply gropes in darkness about its own function and definition. As your eyes can see everything but themselves, as your tongue can taste everything except itself, the mind can understand everything else but its own self.

Disciple : I realize the difficulty mind facing !
Master : So be considerate to it henceforth !
Disciple : Whats a total mind or Hiranya Garbha ?
Master : The sum total of all minds of all human
beings is called Hiranya Garbha in Vedic tradition !
Disciple : What does Hiranya Garbha actually mean?
Master : The "Golden Womb" is the literal meaning !

The total mind is called womb because that's the beginning of manifestation. The creation of universe begin from that golden womb of the total consciousness. Its the splitting point of unmanifested world manifests itself. Just like a child in the womb of a mother manifests after 10 months, this magnificent universe too manifested in stages which happened through the womb of the creator.

04 December 2009

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22 November 2009

02 November 2009

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"thoughts are same with everyone but when
you wrap some thoughts with a "I" coat
then they become your patented thoughts"

Human body is always well defined. Its birth, growth, health, illness, pains, pleasures, urges and death are quite understandable. When it comes to mind the picture gets little fuzzy, one can never tell the source, nature and end of thoughts. That makes human mind to be more subtle in the whole of creation next to Consciousness.

Disciple : Does it mean mind is
the nearest to Consciousness?
Master : In fact mind is the only
medium to comprehend Consciousness !
Disciple : A body cannot comprehend without mind?
Master : The body may never know
even when the mind comprehended IT !

Just like how the air you breathe cannot be meant exclusively for you but you only share with everyone else, mind too is without a defined boundaries. The considerable time spent within your body, the breath becomes "yours" but in reality the breath of air cannot belong to anyone. The mind as well contains many thoughts which spends a brief time in your personal space. Every time a bunch of thoughts cross your head they become "your" individual thoughts.

Disciple : This is scary. All my thoughts are not mine ?
Master : They are yours only so long they linger
in your individual body !
Disciple : What do they do after that ?
Master : They just leave impressions as they pass by
before venturing into other minds too !

The time when collective mind spends in a individual is called Taijas. Its the same time the individual makes the mistake of branding them as "my" thoughts. When the thoughts are branded as "my' thoughts, they leave a string of "impressions" while lingering. The impressions cause a havoc later as "tendencies" in the individual and drive him to perform actions based on those tendencies.

Disciple : Does it mean my thoughts can be read by someone else?
Master : The thoughts never belong to you, it is for everyone !
Disciple : But I know my thoughts so intimately as mine and
how can they belong to someone else too ?
Master : Some of its contents and details may change
but the thoughts can be felt by everyone with same
intimacy as one's own personal thoughts !

All the experiences of the mind is same for everyone. They can vary only in intensity and longevity, based on the perceptions developed earlier by the individual. Just like how a crossing breeze enters in to many houses without any one's permission, thoughts too enter on their own without asking permission.

Disciple : Is it not my choice to think my thoughts ?
Master : Even to think like that is not your choice !
Disciple : But I think thoughts take
shape the way each one wants ?
Master : You cant think in the first place but
thoughts come and go on their own !

29 October 2009

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08 October 2009

25 September 2009

19 September 2009

"stars, suns, moons, clouds, mountains
rivers, sands, plants, animals, humans
all of them look different from each other
but made up of the same five elements"

The Five Elements

1. Space (Akash)
2. Air (Vayu)
3. Fire (Agni)
4. Water (Jala)
5. Earth (Pritvi)

This is exactly the same sequence followed in creation of this universe. From subtlest to the grossest or from the thinnest(space) to the thickest(earth). Not only they were created separately but also were included in everything created again. Which means a plant is placed in space, breathes air, sustained by fire (sun rays), nourished by water and air and rooted in earth. Also the same plant contains all the five elements inherently within. So also the stars and moons and rivers and mountains and more importantly the human beings.

The whole physical world despite their differences in their outward appearances, all of them contain the five elements. While the ingredients that have gone into making the various living beings same, they all assume a unique name and form which make them appear different from each other.

Disciple : I have a basic doubt !
Master : Shoot it right away !
Disciple : Why space was created first ?
Master : To create the rest, the space was needed !

Space Is The Basic Element
For anything to be created, sustained or even destroyed you need space. This whole universe in contained in space for functional purposes and contains the same space too. That's why space is the nearest to consciousness. It is almost like consciousness. So also the rest of elements, they are inseparably layered one on the other, that they are found wherever there is creativity happening in the universe.

Disciple : How does this knowledge help me ?
Master : To know that everything you see is
made up of same things, is the greatest help !
Disciple : Does it alter my perception?
Master : A lot ! You will no more see this world
as a place to compete and conquer. But understand
deeply that there is actually no competition possible !
Disciple : I am afraid to think that way !
Master : Why is it so ?
Disciple : Where would I be if I don't compete and conquer?
Master : The greatest conquest without any competition happens
to you when you stopped comparing, competing and conquering !

18 September 2009

09 September 2009

03 September 2009

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02 September 2009

" Universe is one but its machinery can run
only with its contrasting terrains, climates,
cultures, races, religions, regions and the
people who apparently conflict each other"

The world is a place of varied experiences. All living organisms experience life on earth in their own unique ways. Of the lot, mankind is capable of more experiences than rest of creation, only because of its special ability to interpret life always. Curiously enough, every human being experiences life quite different from the rest of others. The gross world experienced by a individual human being can be suitable termed here Vishwa.

Death Of The Gross World
Vishwa is perishable on a daily basis. It expires every time the individual enters deep sleep. The individual gross world has very limited life and is bound to change always while its alive and experienced. Totally dependent on individual's altered states of mind, Vishwa comes to surface, creates a web of life and then soon faces death as the individual hits the bed.

Disciple : How does Vishwa perish ?
Master :
Vishwa is a reality only
till you are awake and then when you
go to sleep it folds itself into nothing !
Disciple : Even if I slept, someone else
may be still awake, then
Vishwa is still around?
Master : Certainly ! But its not your
Vishwa !

The Vishwa (world) experienced by your five senses can be dramatically different from Vishwa experienced by your own family members. On a night when the whole family is slept deeply and if some issues still keep you awake, then its just yourVishwa that stays alive and the worlds of your kith and kin already folded right inside their heads as they slept.

Disciple : So the world is not singular but
there are many worlds within one world?
Master : Somewhat like that !
Disciple : Can this be called individual
interpretation of life on earth as his world?
Master : Instead it is about the gross physical
experience of an individual in this world !

You Create You Destroy
Blue skies, fluffy clouds, noisy cities, streaming traffic, crowded restaurants, loud music, quiet neighborhood, aromatic kitchen, spicy food, all that you see, smell, taste, touch and hear constitute Vishwa. Upon your deep sleep, when you dwell in your unconscious state of mind, the senses fail to make any sense any more. The birth and death of this gross world exist only as you are conscious or unconscious about it. In other words, its not just the world that keeps you alive but in turn you keep the world alive or perished.

Disciple : Amazing to hear this !
Master :
That's right. Its your own world !
Disciple : But cant there be two worlds
of two people look and experienced alike?
Master : Most likely not, there can be
shades of similarities but never the same !
Disciple : So are there billions of world
everyday created and destroyed by billions of
people on this planet ?
Disciple : yes, these worlds come alive when
people are awake and perish when they go to sleep !
Disciple : What about all the worlds together?
Master : They all coexist sometimes in
conflict and other times in harmony !
Disciple : How do we term these worlds together?
Master : In V
edic terminology, its called Vaishwanara !